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Night of 2003 Lights Lantern Festival

Streamkeepers set up a display at this free, fun-filled family event above the north shore of Deer Lake next to the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby, BC, on Sept. 20, 2003. Hundreds of people turned out, and made their own lanterns at this wonderful gathering reflecting primeval aspects of numerous cultures. Come make a lantern next year, join the fiery parade, and watch the astounding entertainment.

Setting up fish lanterns
Byrne Creek Streamkeepers set up static lantern display in the afternoon prior to the event.
Placing a fish lantern on a stand
A volunteer wires a fish lantern to a stand.
Frog lantern Psychedelic fish lantern
On the left, a wonderful frog, and on the right a psychedelic fish!
Turtle and fish lanterns
There are no turtles in Byrne Creek, though one may have been spotted in the overflow pond, yet this turtle lantern was a hit.
Flower-design fish lantern
A fish lantern in a traditional Japanese motif, reflecting the wide array of streamkeeper representation.
Lanterns at night, swimming into dreams
Spawning salmon swim into people's dreams, glowing in the dark with vital energy.

Photos by Paul Cipywnyk

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