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Weir Construction

Streamkeepers build weirs to provide returning spawners pools to rest in, and improve year-round habitat for fish.

Byrne Creek Streamkeepers built a beautiful weir on Sept. 13, 2003, designed by engineers and approved by government agencies. It was placed on a long stretch of the creek just above a culvert that passes under a four-lane road. All work was done by hand, keeping impact on the riparian zone beside the creek to a minimum.

Moving boulders with winch

Volunteers rigged a hand-winched crane to move boulders into the creek.

Volunteers examine weir blueprints

The team checks the blueprints for the weir.

Placing a boulder

It was heavy work putting boulders into place by hand.

Positioning boulders to make weir

The team discusses the optimal placement of rocks. The creek was diverted to one side during construction.

The completed weir in Byrne Creek

The final result. The weir was built by hand by fewer than a dozen volunteers in one day, with almost no impact on the riparian zone.

Have we helped fish? By late October 2003, streamkeepers had seen several pairs of chum spawning just above the new weir. Draw your own conclusions :-).

Photos by Paul Cipywnyk

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